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Celebration Tree Wellness Center

Come to Celebration Tree Wellness Center for yoga, reiki, and personalized retreats.  Elizabeth Fertig-Burd, a Kripalu Yoga certified teacher and Reiki practitioner offers individualized sessions to help you heal, restore balance and grow your own wellness practice. 

Reiki Self Healing Session 

What is Reiki?

The word Reiki translates to “Spiritual Energy”.

When I practice Reiki on myself or with a client, I am helping the body to remember it’s own healing abilities. These abilities are always there. Many of our own beliefs can get in the way of this “knowing”, for example, negative thought loops. Those loops can inhibit the flow of energy in the body like a dam in a river. Maybe some of the energy gets through the dam, and if we create space for a stronger flow, you are more likely to heal and connect with your true purpose.

$85 1hr  $65 ½ hr

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Private Yoga Session

What is Yoga?

In a time where “everyone” is doing yoga, the meaning can be easily lost.

The meaning of the word translates to yolk, union, or oneness. 

Private yoga sessions are the safest way to begin exploring yoga. In a large class environment, a teacher cannot possibly see everyone at all  times. 

Private sessions are also a great idea for the seasoned practitioner looking for a new perspective, or someone looking to focus on a particular area of the body with chronic tightness, or pain from surgery, or injury.

No matter what your level of experience is, private sessions will give you wonderful insight into your body. You will learn poses that your body needs at this time.

The session includes pictures and detailed instructions

$75 1 Hour


Private Small-Group Yoga Sessions

This session can accommodate up to 6 people, making it great for families or other small groups, friends, or businesses looking to build compassion and have a  team building experience. 

$85 1 Hour

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